Celebrating 25 Years and Counting – February 2016

It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since we started doing business in the telecommunication secondary market. A lot has gone on since February 1, 1991. Looking back, it seems like we must have arrived in a covered wagon; we’ve seen so many changes in ourselves and the industry. We started out as “the Girls” at ACE. You’d be generous calling us girls now, but here we are still plugging away, buying out of service/used business telephones and systems. So, let’s celebrate!

We’ve gotten a lot over the years from the secondary market industry and we’ve given back, but we would like to take that up a notch for the month of February. To commemorate this milestone, we are going to donate 4% of however much we spend on purchases during February, 2016 to two charities. We have chosen two organizations, House With a Heart and Hope for Paws. We have provided you with a link to their sites if you would like to read up more about their causes. They both have touched our hearts so much.

Ready? Let’s get this party started......Give us a call, email us, or visit our website for a convenient form to fill out. We buy all brands and manufacturers; we don’t care how big or small. We will pay you directly. We’ll pay for the shipping from wherever you are to us. AND, we’ll send a donation to the charities. You don’t even need to mention this email to us. We don’t mind if you were going to call us anyway. We are going to donate 4% of all purchases made in February, 2016, regardless. We look forward to hearing from you this month.

Celebrating 25 Years