Professional Telecom Equipment Consignment

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While developing your company, you may find that you have an excess amount of telecom equipment you no longer need. Thankfully, at Diversified Telecom Services, we are here to help. We offer complete telecom equipment consignment solutions to help you liquidate your old assets. This way, you can enjoy the profits of selling your old equipment without having to worry about the hassle of finding a buyer. Contact us to learn more about our consignment solutions or to discuss the other telecom services we have to offer for your business.


Our Consignment Process

When you choose us for consignment, we will begin by determining the value of the equipment you currently own. We have access to various databases that will allow us to accurately calculate the market value of your goods, ensuring that you are receiving the highest possible.

Once we finish cataloging the value of your goods, our expert team will begin searching for a buyer. We will also make arrangements for the disconnection and shipping of your telecom systems. If you are in the Colorado Front Range area, our team will handle the disconnection and pickup directly.

Once the transaction is completed, we will deliver payment to your company right away. This can be arranged through either check or credit card, and we will also provide a detailed purchase order for the transaction.

immediate payment» Immediate Payment

As soon as we receive your equipment, you will receive payment. We pay by check or credit card and will also send you a detailed purchase order detailing the amount of the transaction. We do this process, as a telecom reseller, to ensure that the sale is both convenient and profitable for your business. This lets you enjoy your profits right away while we deal with the buyer.

Contact us when you have old telecom equipment that you want to sell. We proudly serve our clients throughout the United States.